Pest Spotlight: Black Widow Spiders In Eugene


Pest Spotlight: Black Widow Spiders In Eugene

No one wants to share a house with pests! Cockroaches disgust us, mice annoy us, but spiders scare us. When we accidentally walk into a spider's web, we start flailing our arms to quickly remove the sticky strings from our bodies. When a spider runs across the floor, we grab a shoe and kill it. 

We fear spiders because of how they look, how quickly they move, and the possibility of being bitten. Thanks to years of horror movies, we've subconsciously come to believe that a spider bite is one of the worst things to befall human beings. 

If you have spiders in your house, you don't need to live in fear; instead, get the Eugene pest control team from Ultimate Pest Control. We are a family-owned pest control company providing people peace of mind by eliminating pests from homes.

Where Do Black Widow Spiders Live?

Black widow spiders like to live in dark, dry, warm, sheltered areas. Outside, they live in tree stumps, firewood, or under rocks, stones, and decks. Black widow spiders live in outdoor structures like barns, sheds, outhouses, barrels, meter boxes, and chicken coops. 

Black widow spiders in Eugene are drawn into houses by insects. Because an abundance of debris like discarded cardboard boxes, piles of magazines, old jars, and other undisturbed objects attract insects, they also lure black widows. Once inside the home, they locate in crawlspaces, basements, and garages. 

How Common Are Black Widow Spiders In Eugene

Black widow spiders are native to Eugene, and according to the Oregon Poison Center, there has been an increase in reports of bites by these spiders. There is a strong possibility that you will encounter these spiders in Eugene at some point. 

Symptoms Of A Black Widow Spider Bite

Because black widows are common spiders in Oregon, expect the following if one bites you: 

  • Pain: Although some people don't feel anything when a black widow bites, most describe the pain as a bee sting. It may take up to three days for the pain to dissipate. 
  • Time: Signs do not always immediately appear after a bite, but you can expect a reaction in a few hours. 
  • Symptoms: A black widow bite produces flu-like reactions like headaches, nausea, vomiting, and sweating. The venom may also trigger cramping and muscle pain in the legs. Although rare, some people experience chest pain or difficulty breathing. 

Reactions from a black widow bite can be more severe in children and the elderly. A bite from a black widow is not a death sentence; death from a black widow bite is rare. Although black widow spiders are not the only dangerous spiders in Oregon, you should take precautions against receiving a black widow spider bite. 

Spider Control For Oregon Properties

Although black widows are a group of spiders native to Eugene, that doesn't mean you cannot take action to control their presence on your property. These tips will help keep them away:

  • Remove clutter from outdoor storage buildings
  • Eliminate debris from the lawn
  • Elevate and store firewood 20 feet from the house
  • Use outdoor bug lights to minimize insect attraction 
  • Seal cracks and gaps leading into the house

Wear gloves when working in the garage, basement, crawlspace, or outdoor buildings to protect against spider bites. 

The best way to get rid of spiders, including black widows, is to secure our experts from Ultimate Pest Control. Our trained team will inspect your home to determine where black widows are hiding on your property. Next, we will create a custom treatment plan for your situation. After we eliminate the pests, we will follow up to ensure they do not return. Contact us today and request your free inspection.