Eugene's Ecosystem Harmony: Understanding And Managing Local Wildlife With Expert Control Services


Eugene's Ecosystem Harmony: Understanding And Managing Local Wildlife With Expert Control Services

There are many different species of wildlife that live in and around Eugene, Oregon, and they work together to promote a healthy ecosystem. Unfortunately, when they find their way to our properties, these usually helpful animals quickly become problematic, dangerous pests that homeowners need to take fast action against. 

The best way to handle a current wildlife problem and manage these animals in the future is with the assistance of a professional Eugene wildlife control expert. At Ultimate Pest Control, we are a local, family-owned company that understands our customers' unique wildlife control needs. 

To help our customers maintain properties not overrun by wildlife, we have put together this guide to help you learn about Eugene wildlife. Read here to learn how to work together to keep wildlife from becoming comfortable on your property. 

Common Types Of Wildlife That Invade Eugene Properties

The outdoor spaces surrounding Eugene sustain populations of many different wildlife species. Some of the most common to become a problem in and around our homes include:

  • Bats and birds

  • Gophers and nutria

  • Raccoons and opossums

  • Moles and voles

  • Squirrels and ground squirrels

Though all the above animals are considered “wild” and are more than capable of surviving without our help, they have adapted to living with or near us. These animals have learned that where there are people, they will likely have easy access to food, water, and shelter. Once wildlife discovers that your property will benefit them, getting them to leave is a frustrating and difficult task. Don’t let wildlife get the best of you; partner with a local wildlife removal expert. 

Assessing Wildlife Damage: The Impact Of Nuisance Animals On A Home

Discovering that wildlife has found its way to your home should be cause for concern. The presence of wildlife can significantly impact the structure of your home and your family’s health and safety. 

When inside homes, leave trails and piles of their excrement and urine. The build-up of their excrement is not only unpleasant looking, but it produces foul odors, causes staining, and can spread bacteria, parasites, and other disease-causing pathogens. Wildlife are also destructive. As the animals work to find food sources, gather nesting materials, and make entrances and exits in houses, the damage these animals cause can become extensive and costly. 

Additionally, invading wild animals can affect a family’s mental health. Hearing wild animals traveling throughout your home and worrying about the damage they are likely causing is stressful and can make people uncomfortable in their homes. Furthermore, the damage they cause is costly to repair and will negatively affect your bank account. 

Professional Wildlife Control Services: Why Hiring Experts Matters

When it comes to wildlife, there is no question that reaching out to a professional wildlife expert is the safest and most effective way to remove them from Eugene properties. Partner with us at Ultimate Pest Control, and we will provide exceptional wildlife trapping and removal services, along with the following:

  • More than 30 years of industry experience

  • CCB licensed and bonded

  • Sanitation services

  • Exclusion services with a one-year guarantee

  • Highly trained and experienced professionals

While it may be tempting to try to trap or otherwise persuade wild animals to leave your property on your own, hiring a professional wildlife control expert is always the best option. If problematic wildlife has found its way to your property, please reach out now!

Know When To Call In The Pros About Wildlife

Call a professional as soon as wildlife animals have become a permanent fixture on your property, found their way into your home, or started to cause problems for you and your family. Don’t just hope that wild animals will move on; they will stay as long as their needs are being met. Contact us at Ultimate Pest Control, and we will immediately begin working with you to solve your unique wildlife problem. We offer a long-term solution you can trust. Learn more about wildlife control in Eugene by contacting us now.