Ant Management Guidelines In Eugene


Ant Management Guidelines In Eugene

Ants are Exhibit A in our unofficial encyclopedia of common pests. They invade homes and businesses with ease and can lead to a lot more problems than their tiny size might indicate otherwise. That’s why Eugene property owners need to learn how to prevent ant populations from forming and quickly clamp down on an infestation if one is active.

Keep A Look Out For These Types Of Ants In Eugene

Most people think of ants as tiny, black insects that they don’t need to learn anything further about. But just because many kinds of ants look alike doesn’t mean they all cause the same problems, and control methods that work for one species may not apply across the board. That’s why it’s essential to learn how separate the differences between these common local ant species:

  • Sugar Ants: Also referred to as odorous ants, these pests get their name from their attraction to sugary foods. But odorous ants also get their name from the foul smell they produce when squished. 
  • Pavement Ants: These are the ones you tend to find in your lawn or crawling around the cracks in the sidewalk and are known as pavement ants. The problem is, they look exactly like other kinds of ants that can be more problematic.
  • Carpenter Ants: Termites aren’t the only pests that can chew through household woods, so can carpenter ants. This is why proper carpenter ant control can be such a vital part of protecting your property. 

From carpenter ant control to ant control of all kinds, it’s important to seek the help of experts. That’s why you should contact Ultimate Pest Control today.

Why It’s Bad To Have Ants In Your Eugene Home

Despite being common, ants aren’t harmless. While it’s true that most varieties don’t pose direct harm to our health and property, some species absolutely can. Even the relatively harmless types aren’t without their problems. This is why proper ant control in the home can protect you from these kinds of issues:

  • Food Contamination: Ants can get into most food packaging by chewing their way through or utilizing openings. They’ll also quickly crawl around food that’s left out after preparation.
  • Damage: Ants like carpenter ants can chew through woods, leading to the same costly damage as termites.
  • Other Pests: Ants are pretty low on the food chain, so having them around a property can also attract different pests, like spiders, to your area.

Avoid these problems by preventing ants in the first place with the effective ant control methods offered by Ultimate Pest Control.

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Eugene

Because they are so small, ants are good at hiding, and therefore people don’t tend to notice them until their activity is apparent. They also number in the hundreds or thousands, meaning the source of their population is usually a much larger colony than just what you see crawling around your household surfaces.

For these reasons, you shouldn’t try to eliminate ants all by yourself. Do-it-yourself (DIY) methods don’t typically root out the source of the infestation, and traps or baits that kill a few dozen ants won’t do anything to affect the ant queen that’s hidden elsewhere on your property. Instead, it would be best if you turned to professionals for complete ant removal. For ant control in the home or the yard, contact the experts at Ultimate Pest Control today.

Keep Ants From Coming Back To Your Eugene Home

Turning away one pest infestation doesn’t necessarily protect you against future invasions. If you don’t address the factors that contributed to the pest population in the first place, the chances are high that another problem will come knocking on your door, or crawling through the walls, as it were.

Ant control is really about preventing them in the first place, which is why the prevention methods we’ve previously outlined - like proper food storage and limiting access points, are so important. But to keep pests away for good, you need to hire local pest control experts who can establish a protective shield around your property.

At Ultimate Pest Control, we can assist you with preventative methods and elimination solutions that protect against future problems. If you have an ant problem at your business we also offer commercial pest control solutions in Eugene. Contact us today to get started.