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Insulation Services

Insulation Services for Eugene Homes

When wild animals and rodents invade our Eugene homes, they can cause a lot of damage and leave behind unsanitary amounts of their shed fur, urine, and feces. The best way to repair their damage, remove their unwanted "gifts," and take back your house from them is with the help of a local pest control professional. 

At Ultimate Pest Control, we will help you get rid of pests and then repair the damage they cause to your insulation, crawl space, and attic within your house. We want to make sure your home is a place where you can fully relax and recharge. Our insulation services are here to meet your family's and home's unique needs!

Our Eugene, OR Insulation Service Process

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If you have had problems with rodents, birds, bats, or wildlife in your home, we are here to help. Did you know that rodents and wildlife communicate through their urine and feces? When living in your home, their communication style quickly leads to foul-smelling urine and feces buildup in your attic and crawl space. Their waste poses health risks for you and your family as it contains allergens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

In order to rid your home of the unpleasantries that rodents and wildlife leave behind, our insulation, rodent, and wildlife experts always begin by performing a free inspection. During the inspection, they seek out the areas of your home where rodent and wildlife urine and feces buildup has created damage. 

We are here to assist you in caring for your home's exclusion, sanitation, and preservation needs.

Insulation Service

Here at Ultimate Pest Control, we specialize in repairing damage to insulation and vapor barriers caused by rodents and wildlife. We also provide services that will sanitize and deodorize crawl spaces and attics after they have been home to rodents or wildlife. Don't try to clean up and make these repairs on your own. Our professionals have the special training necessary to safely handle and remove the unsanitary waste left behind after evicting rodents and wildlife from your Eugene home.

Exclusion Repairs

After our professionals provide wildlife services to remove rodents, birds, bats, and other wildlife from your home and clean up the urine and excrement they have left behind, there is still more to do. Unless their entry and exit points are found and repaired, your home will again become home to these unwanted intruders. Here at Ultimate Pest Control, we are licensed general contractors, and our highly trained professionals will perform exclusion repairs to keep these pests from re-entering your home. 

Partnering with us to figure out how these pests are getting into your home and making repairs to keep them out is the best way to avoid sharing your home with rodents and wildlife in the future. 

Wood Preservation

It isn't just rodents and wildlife that you have to worry about damaging your Eugene home. Wood-boring insects are destructive pests that, over time, cause significant damage to the structure of houses. We offer a wood preservation service to help guard your home against these pests. Our wood preservation services allow us to treat exposed wood in a home's attic and crawl spaces. Using products like Timbor insecticide and fungicide spray, we make the wood unpalatable to wood-boring insects. 

In addition, we offer new construction insulation and wood preservation treatments for attics and crawl spaces as a proactive way to guard your home from future damage. 

Why Professional Insulation Services Are The Best Choice

Trust our licensed, bonded, and insured professionals to provide the necessary services to help you maintain your home. We know how stressful dealing with a rodent or wildlife infestation can be and want to make taking back your home from them as easy as possible. Having rodents and wildlife in your home is annoying and dangerous. They are a threat to your insulation, the structure of your home, and the health and safety of you and your family. 

After eliminating a rodent or wildlife infestation in your home, the real work begins. Here at Ultimate Pest Control, we are committed to helping Eugene homeowners clean, sanitize, and make the necessary repairs. After we finish, nothing should be left in your house to remind you of sharing it with unwanted rodents or wildlife. 

We provide our professionals with ongoing training and education to ensure that we always meet our customer's needs. Please reach out to us today to schedule a free home pest inspection. Call today to learn more about insulation services in Eugene or any other quality services we offer to help you maintain your home! 

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