All The Benefits Professional Insulation Brings To Eugene Homes


All The Benefits Professional Insulation Brings To Eugene Homes

For most Eugene homeowners, the level of insulation in the home is an out-of-sight, out-of-mind situation. People just don’t think about the insulation they have very often unless they are seeing a problem.

If you are unsure whether you have the right level of insulation in your attic, crawl space, or somewhere else, count on the insulation services from the professionals at Ultimate Pest Control. We will make sure your insulation is in order, keeping your home comfortable and safe.

How Pests And The Elements Threaten Eugene Homes

Should pests ever damage the insulation in your home, proper insulation replacement is important. You want the protection that insulation provides, such as giving your home a higher level of energy efficiency. Insulation helps to reduce the heating and cooling costs you have. It also keeps your home at a more comfortable temperature.

Replacing attic insulation that a pest damages is vital to maintaining the benefits that this material provides for your home. At Ultimate Pest Control, we know that pests can also damage any vapor barrier that’s part of your insulation. Because these vapor barriers are so important to keeping moisture out of the wall cavity and away from your walls and ceilings, we take the steps needed to repair them and to make them begin working like new again.

Effective Insulation Can Make The Difference Inside Your Home

If you are unsure whether your home has the proper level of insulation or whether a past pest infestation damaged the insulation to the point that it is not doing its job properly, reach out to Ultimate Pest Control. Our professionals will inspect your Eugene home and create a plan to rectify any insulation problems for you that we discover.

We know that typical attic insulation contractors may not know exactly how to repair damaged insulation from a pest infestation. The contractor may simply want to tear everything out and start over. Through our experience with repairing and installing all kinds of insulation materials, we know when some of the material is salvageable, saving you money. Our team of experts thoroughly inspects your insulation, making sure we keep you and your family safe from pest waste left behind, while also trying to save you money wherever we can.

Benefits Of Professional Insulation Installation

As a professional insulation installer in Eugene, we can give you quite a few benefits that hiring someone with less experience may not deliver for you, especially if pests caused the damage to your insulation. Benefits include:

  • We fully remove damaged insulation, eliminating pest droppings at the same time.

  • We treat and deodorize the space to remove unwanted odors.

  • We repair and replace any damaged vapor barriers.

  • We offer services to repair any entry points the pests used.

  • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can trust us with the work.

  • Because of our experience, we can discover the problem area quickly.

  • We know how to handle older types of insulation safely.

After we do our work, you can have confidence that we did the job right the first time and that you don’t have to worry about the performance of your insulation going forward.

How To Answer Your Eugene Home's Insulation Needs

When you need home insulation services in Eugene, the team at Ultimate Pest Control is ready to help. We can perform repairs to your insulation after pests cause damage. We can also remove droppings and urine that these pests leave behind. You don’t want to breathe in airborne particles from droppings and urine, which could make you sick. We take care of all of it for you.

Request a free inspection from our team today.