Don't forget About The Attic Of Your Eugene Home


Don't forget About The Attic Of Your Eugene Home

Does your home hold its temperature well? Many people purchase their first home without considering how well-insulated it is. They find out come winter that their walls, floors, and ceilings breathe and do little to nothing to keep warmth in. Today we will discuss why homes lose a lot of heat and cooling and why attic insulation is so vitally important. If you already know your home needs attic insulation in Eugene, get in touch with our team at Ultimate Pest Control and ask about our comprehensive service options. 

Attic Insulation; Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

When you walk around your home, you might notice problems with walls, floors, ceilings, and fixtures. When issues arise with these things, they are pretty noticeable. What you might not notice is the lack of insulation or damaged insulation in your attic. Seeing that most people do not spend much time in their attic and don't look around when they are up there, many common problems go unnoticed. We recommend that you grab a flashlight and pay this area a visit. Look at your insulation and check for damage caused by rodents, patches of light shining through, or thin or completely uninsulated sections. These things can mean trouble for your home's heating and cooling bills. If you do not want to check for these issues yourself, let our team do it for you.

The Many Problems You Can Avoid With Quality Attic Insulation

People use many forms of insulation to seal their homes from fluctuating temperatures outdoors. Picking the right insulation for the job is important. At Ultimate Pest Control, we prefer to use a modern product that contains active pest control elements. This effective insulation replacement is designed to save you money in heating and cooling costs while protecting against a wide range of common invasive Eugene pests that might invade your roof, chimney, or wall voids. Let us ask you this? What could you do with an extra few hundred dollars this year? We know how impressed we were when we installed new insulation in our homes.

All That Can Go Wrong With Trying To Install Insulation By Yourself

There are many things that can go wrong with insulation installation. In case you are considering tackling this job on your own, here are some problems you may find:

  • You forget to air seal. Even a small layer of air between unconditioned and conditioned environments can ruin all your hard work.
  • Make sure you don't block necessary airflow. Most unfinished attics have ventilation shafts that should never be covered for safety reasons. 
  • Don't get sick from old insulation. Many old homes use blow-in insulation that contains asbestos which can make you sick if inhaled.

The best way to avoid these problems is to hire residential insulation contractors. We are more than happy to lend you a helping hand if you want to replace your attics' old insulation.

Contact The Experts For The Best Insulation For Your Attic

If you are looking for insulation services near you, do not look any further than Ultimate Pest Control. Our team is dedicated to serving our community and helping people save money on energy bills. It is never the wrong time to invest in new insulation. All you have to do is talk with our team about your options.

Contact Ultimate Pest Control for a free inspection if you have questions about our quality insulation services in Eugene or are ready to schedule your home for assistance.