Expert Insulation Restoration After Pest Infestation For A Healthy Eugene Home


Expert Insulation Restoration After Pest Infestation For A Healthy Eugene Home

High-quality insulation is essential for keeping your home healthy and your climate control efficient. But even if you haven’t experienced a pest infestation recently, there’s a chance your insulation has been damaged by pests at some point.

Many different types of pests, from rodents to birds to bats and other wildlife, can damage insulation, and unless you’re paying close attention to the condition of your insulation on a daily basis, you might not even notice, at least not at first.

It’s important to check your insulation for damage and resolve any damage as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for insulation services in Eugene, we invite you to read through this article to learn more about how Ultimate Pest Control can provide home insulation services after suffering pest-related damage.

Identifying Pest-Related Insulation Damage

Let’s start off by identifying pest-related damage to insulation in your home. Here are some telltale signs that your home’s insulation has been damaged by Eugene pests:

  • Visible holes: Various pests can create holes in your insulation, often to build nests. 
  • Nearby droppings or urine: Rodents leave droppings and urine in their common pathways. If you see droppings in your attic or crawlspace or smell urine, you should check to see that your insulation is working as intended. 
  • Insufficient heating or cooling: If your climate control systems suddenly become less effective, insulation damaged by pests might be to blame. 

If you notice any of these signs or have suspicions your insulation is damaged but aren’t able to check the insulation yourself, consider contacting Ultimate Pest Control to schedule an inspection and insulation service in Eugene

Professional Insulation Removal To Eliminate Contaminated Areas

Even if you have successfully identified pest-related insulation damage in your home, it is not recommended that you attempt to remove and replace the damaged insulation by yourself.

Certain insulation types, especially older insulation types that are no longer in use, can contain dangerous substances like formaldehyde or asbestos. Even modern fiberglass insulation is dangerous to handle and dispose of without proper training and licensing.

Also, insulation that has been damaged by pests might be contaminated with urine and droppings. Even worse, there might still be living pests present in the insulation, such as rodents that have made their nest inside.  

In every case, professional insulation replacement is the best option available. Ultimate Pest Control can remove your damaged insulation efficiently. Whether you require attic insulation service or insulation service for any other part of your home, we can help.  If your home has a current or previous pest problem, we can also remove pest-related contamination and any lingering signs of pests, such as droppings, shed fur, and urine odors. 

Using The Right Insulation Materials For A Pest-Resistant Home

Here at Ultimate Pest Control, we are insulation and pest control experts, so we’ll make sure that we use the best possible insulation materials for your unique home and situation.

To replace the damaged insulation in your home and also help to prevent future pest problems, we will vacuum out the old insulation and blow in high-quality cellulose or fiberglass insulation.  The right materials and expert installation will make your home pest-resistant for years to come.

We’re happy to discuss the available options and determine the best material to keep your home safe and comfortable. 

Expert Insulation Installation For Maximum Efficiency And Protection

Our team ofinstallation installers can install brand new insulation in all the places your home needs it to maintain maximum energy efficiency. We can also use insulation strategically to prevent pests from entering your home through small openings, reducing the risk of pest damage to insulation in the future.

Contact Ultimate Pest Control today to schedule an initial inspection. Together, we can restore your home’s insulation after a pest infestation.